Summer movies

What  have  you  gone  to see?   Have  you  seen  Dawn  of  the Planet  of  the Apes?

how 2 train your Dragon 2?:
or are your waiting for
Guardians of the Galaxy:

Your college search

This summer  I  hope  you  are  having fun,  hanging at  the skateboard  park, going to  the movies or reading your  favorite  books.  Some of  you  are working, some are traveling , and  others  are volunteering.   some of  you  are thinking about  college.  It  is a rather intimidating process and not  everyone finds  it  easy.


Today  I  have  a place for  you to  look  that  is  a little  different:Colleges that change lives. If you look at the list of colleges . You will find a list of very good colleges. There are a number of different colleges her , but according to the website these are the things they have in common:

To find a college that changes lives, look for these distinguishing attributes:

Low student-to-faculty ratios that foster collaboration, engaged learning, and personal attention. Classes are taught by professors, not TAs.

Faculty are dedicated and passionate about teaching, advising, and mentoring undergraduate students.

A commitment to undergraduate education that focuses on the liberal arts and sciences. Opportunities for undergraduate research are prevalent.
A living and learning environment that is primarily residential and emphasizes the benefits of community, personal growth, participation, and involvement.

Smaller student enrollments that allow students to be known and recognized as individuals.
Out-of-classroom learning opportunities that provide students with an added perspective about themselves, their interests, and the global community. Participation in internships, study abroad, service to others, and special interest activities is common and expected.

Holistic admission policies including “test-optional” applications for admission. These schools take into consideration everything about an applicant—not just their numbers on an application.

Alumni networks that help graduates with professional and career development opportunities as well as foster lifelong friendships based on an involved and engaged undergraduate student experience.

An ideal living and learning environment where students can meet and exceed their own expectations for personal intellectual growth.

even if you don’t end up at one of theses colleges, this is a great place to start and help you focus on what yo want from a college.

music and poetry

Words  by  a  poet  - put  into  a  song



yes, it happens everywhere

“Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

fun –and while you  might  be distracted – watch the orchestra



Your  passion  might not  have a place  in  the world,  but here is the story  of someone who  made a place  in the world for  his passion

Summer Reading Returns!

June  9th is  the first  day  to sign up !

Finish  the  game  and choose a  free  book!

this  years  theme:   Paws  to  read!

WE  have prizes for getting part  way  to  - what  they are is a surprise!  Here  is a  hint:



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